Monday, July 16, 2007

For S-A and other sophomore who needs this :)

i made this site to post homeworks, notes and reviewers for you guys :) now, if you have more to add for everyone's use, please send it to my email. or IM me.

this is for people who are too lazy to actually look for the files in the zobel site or for those with out usb to save them from the classroom computers :)

hope it will help. :)



johncarlo said... ng mga sophomores....dpat pati juniors and freshmen meron...hehehe...asahan koh yan!...tnx!!...

samiyamae18 said... gleng mu naman!!sana juniors dn!!!pro alam mu,,,khit juniors na aq,,,nagamit ko rin huh!!!tnx...sana marami ka pang ma' uulitin huh!!!huhuhuh..